Missed Medicine Doses in Kentucky

What is a Missed Medicine Dosage in Kentucky?

You might be wondering what if a medication dosage was missed while that person was in the care of someone else? That person is responsible to provide a patient’s medication and is to blame if a medication is missed or skipped. It doesn’t matter if it was an accident or from carelessness, a missed dosage can severely harm a patient.

How does a missed dosage happen? Easier than you’d think.

The possibility for a caregiver to miss or forget a medicine dosage is more likely during or right after a location change. This could be when a patient is:

  • Moved from a hospital to a nursing home
  • Recovering from surgery and going home
  • Being transferred to a rehab facility

When being moved from one facility to another, the new location must rely on discharge notes from the previous doctor. It is also the responsibility of the new facility to follow the provided discharge orders as soon as they have received the new patient.

Are nursing home patients more likely to have cases of missed medication doses in Kentucky?

While there is no hard evidence to indicate that patients in nursing homes are at higher risk for missing dosages of their medications. Patients with dementia or Alzheimer’s disease may not recognize that something in their routine has been skipped or forgotten. Particularly, if that medication dosage is new and foreign to them. Learn more about medication errors in nursing homes.

What could happen if a medicine dosage is missed or skipped?

A dosage that is missed or skipped can cause a patient to be injured or even die as a result. A variety of factors exist so, it depends on the specific circumstances.

In Kentucky can I sue a person for missed medication doses?

There are several factors but, you may be able to receive money for damages and pain and suffering if you or a loved one is injured by someone else’s neglect. An experienced attorney can help with making this determination.

Do I need a lawyer for claims involving a missed medication dosage in Kentucky?

Most of the time it takes an experienced attorney that understands the complex areas of the law and medical records to identify who may be at fault in each situation. Certain types of cases have different deadlines that must be met in order to have a successful case. Consulting with or even hiring an attorney can save the victim’s family time and allow them to grieve for a lost loved one.