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Millions of Americans live better lives because of medical devices used by doctors to maintain or improve their health and well-being. However, there are thousands of documented cases of faulty medical devices causing injury and death to unsuspecting patients.

If you have been seriously injured or your loved one has been killed by an unsafe medical product, the device manufacturer may be held legally and financially responsible for the patient’s and/or their family members’ losses.

At Becker Law Office, our Kentucky defective medical device lawyers have successfully represented people harmed by unsafe medical equipment ranging from bone grafts to birth control devices. We have developed an in-depth knowledge about these unsafe products that can make a difference in the outcome of your case.  We’ve fought and won complex litigation involving medical devices, dangerous pharmaceuticals, and many other medical products. Our law firm is nationally recognized and has achieved multi-million-dollar settlements and jury verdicts.

Whether the device that injured you was faulty in design, manufacture, or marketing we have the knowledge and skill to help you fight and win. If you have been harmed by a faulty medical device, Becker Law Office can evaluate your case for free and discuss your legal options. Our attorneys will explain whether you may file a product liability lawsuit and seek compensation for the harm you have suffered. Contact us today online at our offices in Lexington and Louisville, Kentucky.

Representing Victims of Medical Product Injuries

A skilled attorney who focuses on investigating injury cases involving certain types of defective medical devices and dangerous products could be crucial for anyone injured while under their care. This focus allows them to develop an in-depth understanding of these complex medical products.

Our investigation of your case may show that the manufacturer did not adequately test the medical device that harmed you or your loved one before the device was put on the market. The Food and Drug Administration, which regulates medical devices, has special rules called 501(k) Clearances that provide fast-track approval with minimal testing if the manufacturer says a device is equivalent to another product already on the market. This process allows the manufacturer to avoid more extensive and costly clinical trials that could reveal adverse side effects and safety concerns.

Many of the most dangerous medical products released to the market in recent years found their way onto the market through the 501(k) Clearances loophole.

Common Types of Devices

How a Medical Product Injury Attorney Might Help

Cases involving defective medical devices are complex cases to pursue, requiring a Kentucky lawyer to develop a command of the legal issues involved. An experienced attorney will investigate how the unsafe product caused your injury and all the potentially liable parties. The attorney will work with medical experts to build a compelling case for compensation.

Our attorneys at Becker Law Office apply our knowledge of defective medical products to pursue maximum compensation from the at-fault parties and their insurance companies. If you have suffered a disabling injury, you may require ongoing medical care and physical therapy. The future costs of your injury should be considered as well as the costs to date. We work with a life care planner to develop an estimate of your future medical expenses and ensure they are taken into account in any settlement.

Unfortunately, in defective medical device/product cases, it is common for numerous people to have been harmed before the danger of the product comes to light. Evidence in a faulty medical device case may come from an FDA action, such as a recall, from independent research begun after problems are publicized or from manufacturers’ documents about the device and its testing, which a court has ordered released.

A defective medical device/product may eventually be the subject of multiple lawsuits backed by evidence of its harm to patients and the manufacturer’s liability. If numerous suits are filed, the courts may combine similar claims to make them easier to process.

How These Lawsuits Are Handled

There are multiple ways in which these types of lawsuits might be handled. The two most common include class action litigation and multidistrict litigation.

>Cases that share common legal issues may be combined as an MDL case to handle pre-trial issues more efficiently. The Judicial Panel on Multidistrict Litigation creates MDLs to allow a single court to oversee the pre-trial phase of the litigation. The cases are still tried separately.
Often, large medical device manufacturers who are facing multiple lawsuits will set aside millions of dollars in anticipation of paying settlements if a deal can be worked out. A defective medical device lawyer who is familiar with these legal actions in Kentucky could help to explain how an injured individual’s case might proceed.

Call a Kentucky Defective Medical Devices Attorney for Help

The legal team at Becker Law Office can explore with you the facts of your case and whether you have a valid product liability case.

These lawsuits are a complex undertaking, but our law firm has the resources and experienced attorneys needed to help you. Becker Law Office can gather medical evidence and testimony, FDA information, information about the manufacturer, and other facts to help you prove your case and recover compensation for your losses. We can reach out to other law firms about joining ongoing cases if that is the most beneficial approach for you.

You trusted that the medical device that you were prescribed would be of benefit, not cause serious harm. We understand how difficult it can be to recover from an injury caused by a faulty medical device. You can regain control of your life after a serious injury by selecting the right Kentucky defective medical devices lawyer to pursue your case.

We’re here to help you seek just compensation. For a free consultation, contact us today or use our online chat and contact forms.


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