Those Smoking on JCPS Property Will Have to “Butt-out” Soon

Smoking at JCPS schools and events will soon be a hazy memory. Beginning July 1, 2013, all JCPS schools and events will be 100% tobacco-free. A long-standing rule precludes JCPS students from smoking or using tobacco products on JCPS property but a new resolution adopted by the JCPS Board of Education in November 2012 changes the current policy in several significant ways.

Smoking ban applies to everyone, 24/7

The new smoking and tobacco-product ban will not apply only to students but to everyone on JCPS property—students, teachers, staff, visitors and parents. The tobacco-free policy will be enforced on JCPS field trips and at after-school events like football games and music programs. All district vehicles will also be subject to the tobacco-free policy.

The goal of the policy is two-fold: one, to encourage adults to model good and healthy behavior for students; and two, to reduce students’ exposure to second-hand smoke on school property.

Check out for information about classes on how to stop smoking.