Louisville-designed Mobile App Prevents Distracted Driving

There is a new app in town. Unlike any other on the market, the Drive2Win app actually rewards players (drivers) for keeping their hands off their phones while behind the wheel. Players may accumulate points that are redeemable for prizes. While there have been many novel ideas and mobile apps designed to restrict phone use while driving, none have provided a fun motivation for doing so.

Moved by the needless trauma of tragic stories of deaths and injuries resulting from distracted driving, a local advertising executive and digital agency have teamed-up to build a mobile app designed to heighten awareness of the dangers of distracted driving. Louisville-based Becker Law Office is underwriting the creation of the Drive2Win mobile app, which complements much of the firm’s marketing messages admonishing distracted driving.

John McCafferty, president of McCafferty Advertising, brainstormed the idea behind the Drive2Win app. For the last 18 months, he has working alongside Mediaura, a Jeffersonville, Indiana-based digital agency, on the design and functionality of the app. “I have always wanted an opportunity to use my creativity for making a difference in society,” said McCafferty. “Research shows that more than 75 percent of drivers who text-and-drive believe they can do so safely. That’s a huge problem. If people use the app, which will reward them for safe driving, this game could change people’s habits – andsave lives.”

The Drive2Win creators are launching the game in Louisville with plans to roll it out later throughout Kentucky and eventually nationwide.


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