New Child Booster Seat Law in Kentucky begins today

In an effort to improve child safety in motor vehicles, and to reduce the death and injury rate of those children who may be involved in a motor vehicle accident, a child new booster seat law goes into effect June 24th in Kentucky.

HB 315 will require booster seats in all motor vehicles for children less than eight years old and who stand between 40 and 57 inches in height. The previous booster seat law required children ages 7 years old and younger and between 40 and 50 inches in height to ride in a booster seat. Seven neighboring states and 31 states throughout the US have similar booster seat laws.

Beginning June 24th, drivers caught breaking the law will face a $30 fine and no court costs. Ticketed drivers have the option to buy a booster seat in lieu of paying the ticket but must present proof of purchase of the booster seat.

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), a child booster seat that is both properly installed with the correct seat belt position lowers a child’s injury risk by 60 percent.

In our practice, we have seen horrible injuries to children who are not restrained by a car or booster seat, or who are improperly restrained, and involved in a motor vehicle accident. At Becker Law Office, we support this new law and are certain it will help reduce serious injuries in children.