Life in the Fast Lane May Prove Costly for Slower Drivers in Indiana

The left lane is called the “fast lane” or the “passing lane” yet how many of us have ever experienced a slower driver in the left lane who refuses to speed up or move over?

A new Indiana law signed by Governor Mike Pence soon will require slower drivers in the left hand lane on a multi-lane highway, even those travelling the speed limit, to move over if they know or should reasonably know a faster vehicle is trying to pass them in the left lane, or risk a $500 fine. The law gives faster drivers the right-of-way and grants police officers the power to ticket slower left lane drivers who refuse to move over to allow faster drivers to pass.

Bill sponsor Jud McMillin of Brookville explained the new law should incentivize slower left lane drivers to move over when faster traffic approaches. The law is intended to help facilitate the flow of traffic, avoid accidents and help reduce road rage.

Opponents feel the law rewards speeders who break the law, while proponents point out that slower left lane drivers can pose hazards that lead to accidents.

The law does not apply when there are traffic backups or in bad weather. The new law takes effect July 1.