July 20,2018: An Enduring Commitment to Justice

Gary Becker, the founder of Becker Law Office and a trailblazing attorney, showed care and compassion to his loved ones and to the many clients the law firm represented.

Becker died on June 21, 2018 at age 79 in Santa Barbara, California, where he had moved in the years since retiring from practicing law to be near his children and grandchildren. He will be missed by his colleagues and former employees at Becker Law Office who were inspired by his example.

His drive and determination to help people in need continue to guide the Becker Law Office’s commitment to serving clients and treating them with compassion and respect.

After becoming a respected trial lawyer in Southern Indiana, Gary Becker founded the Becker Law Office in Louisville in 1985.

Greg Bubalo who joined Gary Becker as a young lawyer and now serves as managing partner of Becker Law Office, said that Becker was the first plaintiffs’ attorney in Louisville to advertise on television for personal injury cases. Renfro said Becker’s ads had helped regular people understand that they could afford a lawyer to hold insurance companies accountable because the firm did not charge a legal fee unless the client received compensation through a settlement or jury award. It’s a practice the law firm still follows.

“He was very interested in the little guy getting a level playing field against the rich and powerful,” Renfro told the Louisville Courier Journal.

In the Courier Journal article about Becker, Kentucky Bar Association President Doug Ballantine described Becker as a pioneer in pushing for lawyer advertising and making it acceptable and noted that many other attorneys in Louisville and throughout Kentucky have followed his lead.

As advocates for ordinary, hardworking people dealing with difficult circumstances, Becker Law Office continues to honor our founder’s commitment to justice for those who have been injured by the negligence of others.