How Long Does a Nursing Home Case Take to Get a Settlement

How Long Does It Take to Settle a Nursing Home Case

How long does a nursing home case take? This is one of the first questions potential clients have when they are considering bringing a claim against a nursing home for an injury to a loved one, though it can be difficult to answer. Some cases last less than a year while others have lasted nearly a decade. On average, a nursing home case will last between 2 and 3 years.

Why do Nursing Home Abuse Cases Take so Long to Settle?

Nursing home litigation is complex, so cases involving long-term care neglect often last several years. One time-consuming aspect of nursing home neglect cases is discovery. During discovery, an attorney will collect medical records from the facility, find an expert witness, and try to understand the corporation’s structure. Often, nursing homes aren’t equipped to provide medical records in a timely manner, and their corporate structure is built in a complicated way that shields offenders from liability. The sluggish process of getting medical records, hiring expert witnesses who will substantiate claims, and accessing those responsible for the neglect make discovery in nursing home cases take several months, if not longer.

Taking a Nursing Home Case To Trial

Whether the case goes to trial or is resolved in mediation also affects the length of a nursing home case. Mediation can resolve a case more quickly and at a lower cost than a trial. Clients who want the matter resolved quickly may accept a settlement offer early in mediation, while those who won’t settle for a low offer may escalate the case to a lengthy trial.

Death as a Result of Nursing Home Abuse

Finally, nursing home cases often invoke special issues that take time to resolve. If the injured party passes away, or if their claim involves wrongful death, then an estate must be opened and next of kin and executors become involved. This process can add weeks to a nursing home claim.

Conclusion for How Long it Takes to Settle a Nursing Home Abuse Case

Generally, a case of nursing home neglect will last between 2 and 3 years. Some extraordinary cases may settle in a year or less or last for much longer. These complicated cases are highly dependent on individual circumstances. An experienced attorney can help you determine how long your nursing home neglect case may last.