Helping Your Personal Injury Case During COVID-19

As the current Covid-19 pandemic continues to impact people across the country, the offices of Becker Law are working hard for our clients and the greater communities around us. We are implementing steps to reopen office locations safely to the public while helping you and your personal injury case move forward during these uncertain times.

Becker Law Office is currently open and has been open throughout the entire year. There were times when our locations were not open to the public or staff members were working from home. Here are a few details about our office and the important issues that might affect your legal case.

Working Remotely

Like all businesses, our office locations went through a unique transition period during the pandemic. It is important to know that our staff never stopped working. Thanks to advanced technology, our team was able to continue working every day. Some procedures were different during this time, however.

For example, we followed guidelines issued by the Kentucky Governor’s Office at all times. This meant that while our physical offices were open for essential staff members, in-person meetings with clients were reduced and paused at times. Fortunately, online databases allow our experienced attorneys to access any documents and information we may need to continue diligently working on behalf of our clients.

Currently, the entire commonwealth of Kentucky is moving through phases of reopening. This allows for in-person meetings to occur under certain circumstances. There are also important guidelines that must be followed for these meetings to occur. We certainly understand any hesitancy to meet in person. In fact, some or even all (in some circumstances) in-person meetings are not even necessary for you to become a client and advance your case.

Best Lawyers In Kentucky Work From Home During CoronavirusOffering Video and Phone Conferencing

Regardless of current or future shutdowns all across the country, we are still providing services to our clients as long as we can do so safely and within the Governor’sguidelines. Instead of in-person meetings, our firm is conducting virtual video conferencing to keep in touch and discuss cases with our clients. This allows us to continue working on your personal injury case despite the current circumstances.

Additionally, if your case requires depositions or mediations, our firm is able to accommodate needs through video conferencing. This allows our team to move forward with clients’ cases and ensure each case moves forward, in spite of the difficulties presented by COVID-19.

Contacting Our Offices

If you have any questions concerning the impact of COVID-19 and how it may affect your personal injury case, do not hesitate to reach out to Becker Law Office. While some of the work is taking place outside of our offices, we are still here to help you during these difficult times. Even the best lawyers in Kentucky are learning about new challenges during this time. Fortunately, the professional team at Becker Law Office is prepared to help with your case regardless of if meeting in person is an option or not.