FDA Warning About Supplements for Brain Injury Recovery

Dietary Supplements Cannot Treat Concussions

Beware of products making extravagant claims about curing, preventing, or speeding up concussion healing—they do not exist.

The FDA is warning the public about over 85,000 dietary supplement makers fraudulently claiming that their products can prevent, treat, or cure concussions and brain injuries. These supplements are widely available, and their inflated claims pose serious risks.

Contrary to these assertions, there is no FDA-approved dietary supplement scientifically proven to be safe and effective in managing concussions or brain injuries. Treatment should only be supervised by qualified healthcare professionals.

This issue has gained attention due to high-profile concussion lawsuits filed by former NCAA and professional football players against their respective organizations, citing long-term health consequences like Lou Gehrig’s disease and dementia.

False Claims about Recovery or Prevention

One particularly dangerous false claim is that these supplements can expedite concussion recovery. The FDA is concerned that this could mislead athletes, coaches, and parents into prematurely allowing a return to activities, potentially resulting in re-injury. Multiple concussions can lead to severe long-term consequences, including brain damage and even death.

Protecting Young Athletes from “Quick Fix” Lies

Children are back in school, engaging in various sports activities, and parental concern for their well-being is natural. Sports safety, particularly the risk of concussion and traumatic brain injuries resulting from head blows or violent head movements, is a significant worry.

“We’re very concerned that false assurances of faster recovery will convince athletes of all ages, coaches and even parents that someone suffering from a concussion is ready to resume activities before they are really ready. Also, watch for claims that these products can prevent or lessen the severity of concussions or TBIs.”- Gary Coody, FDA’s National Health Fraud Coordinator

If you or a loved one sustains a concussion or brain injury, seek professional medical treatment instead of relying on unproven dietary supplements.

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