Drive Safe During Labor Day Weekend

For many, Labor Day is a holiday filled with festivities as Summer comes to an end. However, as attorney Greg Bubalo at the Becker Law Office understands, it can also be a difficult weekend for drivers on the road.

After a day of celebrating—and some drivers who have had too much to drink—the holiday weekend can be dangerous for drivers heading home.

Drunk Driving in Kentucky

In 2018, drivers in Kentucky received 29,000 DUI citations. With many national and statewide campaigns to back its message, the state of Kentucky decided to take its mission to make roads safe a step further.

In an interview given to radio station WHAS, attorney Greg Bubalo discusses a new bill passed by the Kentucky Senate that adds penalties for those with a drunk driving, or DUI, offense. It requires an ignition interlock in the cars of those who have offenses associated with operating a vehicle while intoxicated. This device requires a person must blow into a breathalyzer to drive. If the breathalyzer detects any alcohol, the car will not operate.

Bubalo distinguishes that this device designed for repeat offenders and anyone who had a conviction over 0.15 when the legal limit within Kentucky in 0.08. In order for a person to be punished under this new law, they must have a conviction for DUI or another operation offense involving alcohol.

Community Involvement

In an additional effort to keep the roads safe, the Becker Law Office in partnership with The Kentucky Distillers’ Association funded Safe Drive Kentucky. This organization funds rides during times that are considered high traffic or high danger for drunk driving.

The Becker Law Firm donated $10 a ride with Lyft, so that between 5:00pm and 5:00am of Labor Day weekend, everyone over the age of 21 who utilized the rideshare app could have an incentive to not drive under the influence of alcohol.

The attorneys at the Becker Law Firm understand the importance of client and community relationships. Our firm is proud to have partnered with Lyft and the Kentucky Distillers’ Association to do our part in making Labor Day Weekend a little safer for everyone on the road.

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While community involvement is a great step forward, there are still negligent drivers who consume substances that impair their ability to properly operate a vehicle. This reckless behavior can cause injuries, property damages, and even death.

If you or someone you love has been affected by an accident caused by a driver under the influence of alcohol, it may be essential for you to seek legal counsel. Our attorneys at Becker Law Office could aid you in understanding your legal case and calculate what compensation you may be owed in a civil claim.