Best Wishes to The Winton Law Group on Their New Practice

We learned today that the Winters, Yonker & Kannady law practice in Kentucky has been sold and is being reorganized as The Winton Law Group. Partners in the firm are Jeremy Winton, Joseph Rouselle and Chauncey Hiestand.

Senior Partner of Becker Law Office, responded in this way:

“My first reaction on behalf of all Kentucky lawyers is hallelujah as all three are licensed to practice law here and, therefore, subject to the ethical rules mandated by the Kentucky Supreme Court. I have always thought that the W&Y practice was inherently misleading to the citizens of the Commonwealth as there was no requirement that the firm disclose that the named principals were not licensed to practice law here and reside in Tampa, Florida. I am not personally acquainted with Mr. Rouselle but I think highly of Jeremy Winton and Chauncey Hiestand. I encourage each of them to become more active in the Kentucky Justice Association, which promotes consumer advocacy, the Constitutional right to trial by a jury of one’s peers, and educating attorneys to serve the interests of their clients and to promote fairness and justice under the law and in the courthouses throughout the Commonwealth.”