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Every property owner in Kentucky has a legal responsibility to keep their land safe. If you suffered an injury while visiting someone else’s property, you need to speak to a legal professional for assistance.


Even if your injuries were the result of an accident, a landowner may be liable. However, determining if you have a valid claim is complex. Instead of trying to figure out your legal options alone, we are here to help. A Lexington premises liability lawyer at Becker Law Office understands how a serious injury can change your life.

This is why our dedicated legal team wants to discuss your case and assess your legal options.

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If your injuries are no fault of your own, you deserve to seek justice in a civil lawsuit. Do not try to navigate this alone.

There are numerous legal steps that must be taken in order to recover compensation. If retained, A SKILLED ATTORNEY CAN SHOULDER THE BURDENS OF A CLAIM.

The Three Types Of Visitors

A property owner’s potential liability depends on who the victim is. This is because a landowner’s responsibility of safety is based on the legal classification of a visitor.

A skilled Lexington attorney will review the facts surrounding a premises liability case to properly classify a claim. A visitor might be:

  • An invitee—This is someone who has received an explicit or implied invitation. For invitees, a property owner has a duty to ensure a property is safe. They also must warn them of unseen hazards
  • A licensee—This visitor enters the property for their own purpose, such as an uninvited guest. For licensees, property owners simply have to warn them of unseen hazards
  • A trespasser—These are not visitors but individuals who enter premises without permission. There are usually no obligations a property owner owes a trespasser. However, a young child injured while trespassing might leave a property owner with liability.

How Do Property Accidents Happen in Lexington?

Every property accident case is unique. Therefore, it is important to identify how these accidents happen. A seasoned premises liability lawyer in Lexington will work to determine the root cause of an accident in order to seek compensation. These reasons might include:

  • Slippery or wet floors
  • Accumulated ice or snow
  • Broken stairs or handrails
  • Unmarked hazards
  • Non-functioning security cameras
  • Loose or bunched-up carpeting

It is important for anyone injured under these conditions to document the scene of the accident. Once an area is cleaned or fixed up, it might impact the strength of a claim.

Retain a Lexington Premises Liability Attorney for Assistance

If you are injured due to a property owner’s negligence, you do not have to take on the case by yourself. A skilled Lexington premises liability lawyer will review your case, determine its value, and work with you to recover the compensation you deserve.

Because of the strict deadlines that exist for claims, it is important to get started as soon as possible. Contact Becker Law Office right away to schedule a free consultation.


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