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Too many elderly residents suffer abuse in nursing facilities. If your loved one has been injured, call a Lexington nursing home abuse lawyer for legal help with each step. A skilled personal injury attorney in the Bluegrass area could review your case and work to file a persuasive claim.


At first, you might be unsure of how to proceed. This is why it is essential to hire attorneys who understand your unique case and who tailor their approach to meet your needs. At Becker Law Office, our legal team has experience handling claims against nursing homes and negligent staff. If you want to seek justice:

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We work tirelessly for our clients to gather evidence, determine fault, and file lawsuits to request full and fair compensation.


Nursing Home Maltreatment Takes Many Forms

Nursing home residents can be abused in many ways. A Lexington and Bluegrass area attorney could review the circumstances of a case and work to identify the type of abuse a nursing home resident has suffered.

Generally, abuse falls into one of five categories:

  • Physical abuse—otherwise known as an unlawful use of force. Signs can include cuts, bruises, or burn marks, and can also arise from excessive use of restraints;
  • Sexual abuse—a caretaker or resident who makes unwanted sexual contact with a resident may face both criminal and civil charges;
  • Emotional abuse—Examples include yelling, harassing, threatening, or ignoring a resident. Both verbal and nonverbal acts can constitute emotional abuse;
  • Financial abuse—Any unauthorized use of a resident’s money or other assets. This type of abuse can take many forms, from forging checks to stealing jewelry. In the worst cases, a staff member could coerce or threaten a resident into signing over a deed or rewriting a will to favor themselves;
  • Neglect—When a caregiver refuses (or simply fails) to provide the care a resident requires, they could be committing neglect. This failure to provide care can be intentional, or it can stem from other causes like not having enough competent staff.

The Need to Act Quickly in Lexington

Even when a claim is valid, it is important to understand the need to take quick legal action. If a lawsuit is not filed promptly, the statute of limitations may expire. Once passed, a claimant might face a dismissal and be barred from recovering compensation.

For these cases, the deadline is one year. This year begins when the abuse is discovered. A Lexington lawyer with experience in nursing home mistreatment claims could help to meet this deadline.

Let a Lexington Nursing Home Attorney Help

Not every attorney has the experience needed to take on these complex cases. That is why it is vital to hire a Lexington nursing home abuse lawyer who will see your claim through to the end.

With the guidance of a Bluegrass area attorney at Becker Law Office Injury Lawyers, you could better understand your legal rights and options moving forward. To learn more and schedule a consultation, call us today.


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