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The results of a doctor’s mistake can be tragic. A patient injured as a result of their doctor’s negligence may be eligible to recover compensation.


Doctors, surgeons, and other medical professionals take an oath to protect patients from harm. Medical malpractice is common, though many injured patients do not file claims. Some are unsure whether they were a victim of malpractice, while others are skeptical that they will ever recover compensation.

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Injuries That Can Result from Medical Malpractice

A medical professional can make a mistake at any point in a patient’s treatment. This can be anywhere from the initial diagnosis through post-operative care. A diligent Lexington medical malpractice attorney could help you hold the responsible party accountable.


Most medical malpractice lawsuits occur as a result of:


Misdiagnosis results from a doctor’s failure to identify an ailment during an examination. In some cases, the doctor found no illness where there was one. In others, the doctor made an incorrect diagnosis.

It is important to remember that not every failure to diagnose an ailment is malpractice. A doctor commits malpractice only when failing to detect an illness that another medical professional in the same field would normally detect in that situation.

Delayed Diagnosis

Similar to misdiagnosis, delayed diagnosis occurs when a doctor does not identify the correct illness immediately. In a delayed diagnosis claim, the doctor ultimately gets it right but the delay caused profound effects on the patient’s health.

Failure to Treat

Malpractice can occur even when the diagnosis was successful. Doctors can commit malpractice by mistakenly failing to treat the patient after the diagnosis. The failure to treat can result from a mere oversight or from factors like understaffing.

Surgical Errors

Surgical errors can be one of the most devastating forms of medical malpractice. Surgery can have a major impact on a patient’s life. If the surgeon performs the incorrect procedure, a Lexington medical malpractice attorney may be able to hold them accountable for their negligence.

Birth Injuries

Birth injuries can take a tremendous toll on a patient as well as their parents. A child injured at birth can suffer significant hardship and need a lifetime of costly care.

Filing a Lawsuit On Time

Timing is critical with any Lexington medical malpractice lawsuit. Kentucky law requires that a medical malpractice lawsuit be filed within one year of the discovery of an injury sustained in Kentucky. Note that the date of the discovery does not always match the date of the medical procedure.

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