If you are going through a trying time after a car accident or other significant injury, you may be out of work and unable to pay your bills. You need dependable legal guidance that can help you chart a course to recovery. The attorneys at Becker Law Office are ready to help people in Georgetown, Kentucky who have been seriously injured due to the carelessness or misconduct of others.

Managing partner of Becker Law Office attorney Greg Bubalo has been fighting for good people in Georgetown and throughout Kentucky who have suffered serious injuries through no fault of their own for more than 30 years. Greg Bubalo has established a strong record of negotiating top-dollar settlements for accident victims. When an insurance company refuses to offer a fair settlement, Becker Law Office works to pursue justice in court. Our balanced legal team includes both seasoned negotiators and skilled litigators to serve all our clients’ legal needs.

What Types of Cases Do Our Georgetown, Kentucky Injury Lawyers Handle?

The attorneys at Becker Law Office represent accident victims and disabled people pursuing disability benefits in Georgetown and throughout the Lexington metropolitan area. Our dedicated legal team works to help people get their lives back on track. If you have difficulty getting around as a result of an accident, an attorney from Becker Law Office can meet with you at your home in Georgetown, hospital room or another convenient location. Our attorneys have a thorough knowledge of Kentucky civil law regarding personal injury accidents.

We handle cases involving a broad range of personal injury and disability matters including:

Our Scott County injury attorneys help people who have suffered devastating injuries due to others’ negligence pursue just compensation to regain control of their lives. You should not be struggling to make ends meet because of a stack of hospital and doctor bills caused by someone else’s carelessness. Let our Georgetown personal injury attorneys evaluate your legal options and help you seek compensation from the at-fault party.

We recognize that you may be enduring physical pain, emotional trauma and financial stress if you have been seriously injured and are facing tens of thousands of dollars of medical bills. You do not need to worry about how to afford a Georgetown injury lawyer. At Becker Law Office, our attorneys represent clients with personal injury cases and disability appeals on a contingency fee basis. We only receive a legal fee if we obtain compensation for you through a settlement or jury award. If we are successful in securing money for you, then we receive a percentage of the amount we obtain to cover our legal fee and expenses. A contingency fee arrangement means that you do not have to come up with money out of pocket.

What Is an Example of a Personal Injury Case in Georgetown, KY?

Car crashes and other types of motor vehicle accident causing serious injuries in Georgetown and throughout the Commonwealth are a significant portion of the claims we handle.

For example, John, an auto worker at the Toyota plant in Georgetown, is headed home on Interstate 75 at the end of his shift. A distracted driver who is looking at sports scores on his cell phone fails to notice the brake lights of John’s car, which has slowed because of traffic congestion ahead. The distracted driver slams into the back of John’s car. John suffers neck and back injuries from the impact of the rear-end collision and is transported by ambulance to the emergency room. John will undergo surgery and miss several months of work at the Toyota plant. He will need intensive physical therapy to address the weakness on one side of his body caused by the neck injury. He has health insurance through his job. Even so, his share of the hospital and physical therapy bills will saddle him with more than $50,000 in medical debt.

John may be legally entitled under Kentucky law to pursue compensation from the distracted driver and the driver’s insurer for medical bills, loss of income, car repairs and other losses associated with the rear-end accident. John should not be burdened with medical bills resulting from a serious accident caused by another motorist. An injury attorney at Becker Law Office can negotiate on John’s behalf with the at-fault driver’s insurance company for a fair settlement and, if necessary, pursue a personal injury lawsuit in Scott County court seeking full compensation.

When Do I File a Personal Injury Lawsuit in Georgetown, KY?

Filing a personal injury lawsuit in Georgetown may be appropriate if your attorney cannot obtain reasonable compensation for your injuries from the insurance company representing the at-fault individual or business.

Most people who come to Becker Law Office for legal help would prefer not to file a lawsuit. They would like to have the compensation needed to pay their medical bills and move forward with their lives without going to court.

Our attorneys are skilled negotiators and settle most cases we handle without going to trial. We make every effort to reach an out-of-court settlement as long as it provides just compensation to our injured client. An out-of-court settlement generally puts money in the client’s pocket sooner and avoids the uncertainty of a jury trial.

When the insurance company refuses to enter into a settlement that provides reasonable compensation for your injuries, a personal injury lawsuit may be in order.

Georgetown is the county seat of Scott County, Kentucky and the 7th largest city in the Commonwealth of Kentucky. Lawsuits seeking compensation for serious injuries and wrongful deaths in Georgetown and elsewhere in Scott County are filed in the Scott County Circuit Court. Scott County Circuit Court tries civil cases involving personal injuries and wrongful deaths in which more than $5,000 in damages is in dispute.

Scott County Circuit Clerk
119 N. Hamilton St. #1
Georgetown, KY 40324
(502) 863-0474

Our attorneys at Becker Law Office will continue working to reach a settlement even as we prepare for a trial. Some insurance companies will only focus on settlement discussions when a trial is close at hand. If your personal injury case goes to trial in Scott County Circuit Court, you can be confident in having the nationally recognized trial attorneys at Bubalo Law PLC standing up for you. They are skilled trial lawyers.

Georgetown, KY Social Security Disability Lawyers

If you reside in Scott County and have been diagnosed with a disability, our Georgetown, KY disability attorneys are here to help you seek full disability benefits. Don’t abandon the idea of getting Social Security disability (SSD) just because you have received a denial notice from the Social Security Administration. Talk to our knowledgeable Georgetown, KY disability lawyers about your options.

The fact is that many people with disabilities in Georgetown and throughout Kentucky receive denial notices at first, even though they have legitimate disability claims. Before giving up, you should have a knowledgeable disability lawyer at Becker Law Office review your claim. Our attorneys have reviewed thousands of SSD claims. We can pinpoint the reasons that your disability application was denied.

Social Security claims reviewers may have turned down your disability application because the application failed to include a complete work history or it had inadequate medical documentation of your disability.

Our attorneys are available to discuss whether your disability or illness fits the strict rules established by the Social Security Administration to qualify for disability benefits. You must have a medically diagnosed condition that will keep you from any gainful work for at least 12 months or you must have a terminal condition to qualify for benefits. You also must have worked at a job covered by Social Security and contributed to the Social Security system for enough years to qualify for benefits.

Our experienced Georgetown disability attorneys have helped many Kentuckians obtain disability benefits by compiling additional medical documentation of a disability and presenting a compelling case at a hearing before an administrative law judge. We can help you get a second medical opinion to support your disability application.

The Social Security Disability appeals process is a bureaucratic process. Trying to work your way through the appeals process without a knowledgeable disability attorney to guide you can be confusing and discouraging. Our knowledgeable Georgetown disability attorneys will help you pursue the full benefits that you are entitled to under law and stand beside you every step of the way.

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