My Disability Is Apparent. Why Do I Need A Lawyer To Get SSD Benefits?

My disability would be apparent to anyone who meets me. Why do I need a lawyer to obtain SSD benefits?

A lawyer who has experience with Social Security Disability programs can help you get the benefits you deserve faster and with less burdensome effort from you. If your application for SSD benefits is denied, it could be a year before you get an appeals hearing.

Your application for SSD benefits must present medical evidence proving that you are unable to work.

There are many reasons an SSD claim may be denied. You could even have your claim closed because you missed a deadline for filing the claim, submitting information or filing an appeal. You would then have to start over.

The Becker Law Office can help prepare your initial SSD application, and make sure it is complete, accurate and submitted on time. If your application has already been denied, we can determine what it lacks and help you secure additional evidence for reconsideration of your claim. We can help you get in touch with doctors who understand the SSD process better than others, if that is necessary to ensure your application adequately explains your disability.

Contact a Becker Law Office SSD attorney today to ensure that one of our experienced attorneys is by your side throughout the SSD benefits application process.