Steps to Take Following a Kentucky Slip and Fall

If you are looking to determine if you have a personal injury claim after suffering a fall, it is important to know there are several steps to take immediately following a slip and fall accident in Kentucky. In fact, many of these steps must be taken immediately after the fall occurs.

Becker Law Office presents the follow six steps that should be taken by victims after a fall. To learn more or receive a free consultation about your case, contact a slip and fall accident attorney without delay. We serve clients throughout Kentucky, Tennessee, Ohio and Indiana. We will be available to discuss your case right away.

1. Get Medical Treatment

If you need emergency medical assistance, call 911 and let emergency responders take care of you. Even if you don’t think you are badly hurt, you should still get checked by a family doctor or other medical professional as soon as possible. Make sure to keep records and receipts.

2. Document Where You Fell

Photograph, make a video or take notes about where you fell. You want to do this before the property owner can eliminate the hazard that caused you to slip or trip. This evidence can demonstrate the existence of a hazard and the property owner’s failure to remove it. Be sure to note the time and date of your accident, weather conditions and other factors that contributed to your fall.

3. Get Witness Information

If anyone saw your accident, including employees of the business, get their name, address and telephone number. Ask if they will provide a statement that you can record on your phone (video) or on another device.

4. Report Your Accident

Give the owner or manager the basic facts. However, you do not need to give an extensive statement. Don’t say anything that indicates you are at fault. This is something that will be determined only after an investigation of your fall. Get the person’s name and contact information. Ask for a copy of their incident report. If you are told it will be available later, ask when and how to get it. Be sure to follow up and get a copy.

5. Start a File and Keep Records

Again, we urge you to save your medical reports and bills. You should also make records of any time you miss from work (or can’t generate income if you are self-employed). Save any stained or torn clothes or shoes you were wearing when you fell. Don’t wash or wear them again.

You should also keep a written and/or video diary of your experiences during your recovery. Document your medical treatment, your pain and suffering, advances and setbacks in your recovery and any family events or other special occasions you miss because of your injury.

6. Call an Experienced Slip and Fall Attorney

You may hear from the property owner’s lawyer or insurance company soon after you are injured. They may offer you a check in exchange for your signature. You should not accept or sign anything until you have spoken with an attorney. You could be agreeing to far less than you are entitled to receive.

Instead, if you have an attorney representing you, you can refer them to your lawyer. This legal professional will ensure that any settlement offer truly provides the compensation you need and deserve.

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