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If you suspect that you underwent an unnecessary catheterization and heart stent procedure at Ashland, Kentucky-based King’s Daughters Medical Center, you will have many questions.

The most obvious question is, “Why would a doctor do that to me?”

As the law firm of Becker Law Office investigates the possibility that unneeded stent procedures were performed on patients at King’s Daughters, we will certainly seek an answer to this and many other questions.

For now, we want you to consider the following:

Medical experts have told Bloomberg News that many patients should receive medical therapy, such as a combination of medicine and changes in one’s lifestyle, before they undergo a procedure as risky as having a stent inserted in their coronary artery.

However, in many cases, doctors never consider or discuss this alternative with patients and simply go forward with the elective (non-emergency) stenting, a study published in The Journal of the American Medical Association found.

The procedure is quick. Catheterization and stent insertion can take less than 45 minutes, Bloomberg reports.

It can also be profitable. On average, private insurers pay hospitals $25,000 per heart stent case, while doctors can bill public health programs such as Medicare about $1,000 per stent patient, according to Bloomberg.

In fact, Bloomberg reports that up to $2.4 billion in unnecessary stent procedures are performed in the U.S. every year.

You Can Do Something About Unnecessary Heart Stent Procedures

The lawyers from Becker Law Office believe that heart patients and their families who received elective catheterization and heart stent procedures at King’s Daughters Medical Center deserve prompt answers to their questions. In particular, they deserve a full explanation for why the procedures were chosen over less risky alternatives.

Help us to get started on seeking answers to your questions. Contact us immediately.

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