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Who is responsible if I am injured in a slip-and-fall accident?

Owners have a duty to ensure their properties are reasonably safe for people who are legally on the property, such as customers at a business or people invited to a home. If a property owner fails to meet this duty, someone who slips or trips and falls and is injured could have a legal claim.

If you have fallen in an accident and been significantly injured, you need to determine why the fall happened. If you just tripped over your own feet and fell, no one is to blame for this accident. If it happened at work, you may be able to receive workers’ compensation benefits.

In other situations, however, a problem with the property or area where you were walking may have caused your fall. This could have been debris in a walkway or store aisle, a slippery floor caused by a spill, a broken sidewalk or a pothole in a poorly lighted parking lot.

A property owner or the renter/ lessee in charge of the property is given a reasonable opportunity to recognize and correct slip-and-fall hazards in a timely manner. But, if they have neglected a hazard and it is the reason you have been injured, they can be held legally responsible for the fall and can be required to compensate you.

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