What types of claims does a personal injury firm like Becker Law Office handle?

The Becker Law Office handles a wide variety of personal injury and wrongful death claims. In addition to insurance claims for injuries and fatalities, we help those who have become disabled through accident or illness obtain Social Security Disability payments.

In the pages of this website we explain our approach to assisting clients who have been seriously injured by:

The Becker Law Office pursues cases in. And a fact that separates the Becker Law Office from other legal firms is that we are affiliated with a second firm, Bubalo Law PLC, which pursues cases that cannot be settled outside of court.

You can rely on our strengths: Becker Law Office attorneys are tough negotiators with a record of obtaining fair settlements without the additional time and expense of going to court, and Bubalo Law PLC litigators have been recognized among Kentucky’s Top 100 Trial Lawyers.

Please contact us today if we can help you pursue compensation for an accident that has seriously injured you or a loved one of yours.