What if I get hurt in a fall on a sidewalk or other public property that is owned by a state government, local government or federal government?

When property is owned by the public (the government), there is always some governmental agency responsible for maintaining it. If this agency falls short of its obligation, it is possible to take legal action. Lawsuits against the government are more complicated, however.

There are special rules called sovereign immunity laws that limit how and when claims can be made against government workers and agencies. However, your Becker Law Office slip-and-fall accident lawyer can help you to understand how the rules apply to your accident.

Another factor to look at in a slip-and-fall accident on public property is whether a third party may be responsible for your injury. For example, a landscaping company hired by the local parks authority may have been responsible for a hole or equipment left behind that resulted in your tripping and injuring yourself. Another example might be a cleaning company whose worker failed to post “wet floor” signs in the city hall lobby where you slipped and fell on a recently mopped floor.

In such cases, it may be that the contractor should compensate you for your injuries and other losses. Our experienced slip-and-fall accident lawyers know that the way to maximize the compensation our clients receive is to fully investigate the circumstances of your accident, and work to hold all responsible parties accountable.