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What can a personal injury lawyer do for me?

In short, a personal injury lawyer stands up for your rights if you have been injured by someone else. If another party’s actions (referred to as “recklessness”) or inaction (negligence) caused your injury, they owe you compensation for your losses. A personal injury lawyer makes sure you get what you are owed.

If you have been injured by another party, the compensation you may obtain for your losses is paid according to complex laws and, in most cases, comes from liability insurance. Both the law and the insurance company can stand in the way of you receiving what you deserve. Your lawyer works to help you overcome these obstacles.

An experienced personal injury attorney can investigate your accident to compile the evidence required by law to prove the harm done to you, establish who or what organization (a business, hospital, manufacturer, local government, etc.) is legally responsible, and calculate what compensation is required to make you financially whole. Once we have developed a solid case, we can stand up to the insurance company that would deny the payment you are due.

In addition to obtaining a settlement or court award, your personal injury attorney handles the logistics of your claim. This includes everything from preparing and filing paperwork to working with the hospital and other creditors to ensure that a claim for compensation that will be used to pay them is underway.

A Becker Law Office personal injury attorney stands at your side for the length of your recovery from a serious accident. We take on the burden of the legal work required to ensure your financial recovery so that you can put your efforts toward a physical and emotional recovery from the injuries you have suffered.