How Trucking Companies Make it Harder to Get Compensation

How do the trucking company and federal regulations make it harder to obtain compensation after a truck accident?

Trucking companies, known as “carriers,” are often large multi-state corporations with deep pockets and legal teams prepared to protect their interests after a truck accident. Federal regulations that govern the trucking industry are complex. A lawyer who understands them can make them work in their client’s favor.

It is very likely that you will hear from the trucking company’s lawyers and/or insurance company soon after a serious truck accident. They work to minimize the cost of an accident as well as the potential liability if negligence on the part of their driver or the company itself is found to have caused a serious wreck.

If you hear from the carrier or anyone representing it, it is best not to accept any money or sign any statement unless an experienced truck accident attorney has reviewed it with you.

Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) regulations govern commercial drivers’ licensing and time spent behind the wheel, vehicles and trucks’ components, trucks’ cargo and how it is loaded, and more. If the trucker or trucking company violated regulations, they can be held liable if this violation led to an accident and injuries.

But it takes a lawyer who knows FMCSA regulations and has the resources to investigate a truck accident to determine and prove a truck driver’s or trucking company’s liability. When you engage a Becker Law Office truck accident attorney, that’s what you get.