How Does A Big Industrial Product Liability Case Work?

It seems like a lawsuit against a manufacturer would be a complicated case. How does a big industrial product liability case work?

It’s true that product liability cases are usually complex. A single product liability lawsuit could become part of a large case involving many plaintiffs. This makes sense, considering that a faulty consumer product may potentially have exposed many people to injury.

An industrial product liability lawsuit requires an investigation that may involve dozens or hundreds of interviews, and researching the product’s background, including its development history, and marketing materials. The testimony of recognized outside experts with specific knowledge of a manufacturing process or the industrial product in question is often sought to develop a product liability case. A product liability case may also involve deposing multiple defendants, some of whom may be uncooperative. It may require obtaining court orders to access manufacturers’ or others’ documents pertaining to the product’s design, manufacturing and marketing.

If numerous plaintiffs file similar product liability lawsuits, the court may combine them for expediency. A “multi-district litigation” (MDL) may be declared to group claims geographically and have them heard together in a single court. A “class action” lawsuit may be declared to combine claims that contain similar allegations.

One advantage of a class action or MDL is that it brings the work and expertise of several attorneys together.

Another advantage of a large case is that the defendant, particularly a manufacturer, may begin to see the writing on the wall. Some will begin to seriously negotiate a settlement and set aside large amounts of money for potential claim payments.

It all starts with one injured consumer speaking to an attorney about the harm they have suffered and why they believe a faulty product caused it. At the Becker Law Office, our product liability lawyers are ready to talk to you about your case.