Pay Medical Bills While Waiting For Lawsuit To Be Resolved

How do I pay medical bills from my motorcycle accident while waiting for a lawsuit to be resolved?

Kentucky and Indiana insurance laws require the immediate payment of medical bills in a motorcycle accident. If you have any problem obtaining this money, the Becker Law Office can help you.

In Kentucky, you most likely have “no fault” coverage as part of your motorcycle insurance. This pays as much as $10,000 to help with your medical expenses. It may also provide up to $200 per week for lost income and additional damages for pain and suffering.

Your insurance company should pay these benefits regardless of who was at fault in your motorcycle accident. If another driver is at-fault, your insurance company is to be reimbursed from their insurer. No fault personal injury projection limits your right to file a lawsuit to recover compensation, unless your medical bills and expenses exceed a certain amount.

In Indiana, you should receive immediate medical benefits, regardless of fault, if you have Medical Payments Coverage as part of your insurance policy. Depending on the extent of your coverage, you may receive compensation for medical care and prescriptions. Your primary health insurance may also cover you for expenses that exceed the coverage in your motorcycle insurance policy.

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