Why Would I Need An Attorney For My Truck Accident Claim?

Why do I need an attorney for my truck accident claim?

Lawyers who handle personal injury or wrongful death claims, such as in truck accidents, protect the rights of people who have been injured or lost loved ones in accidents that were not their fault. Your primary right after being involved in a truck crash is the right to be made financially whole for what has been unjustly taken from you.

In most cases, the amount of compensation you can obtain after being injured in a truck crash or similar accident is limited by the amount of insurance coverage available. But insurance payouts ultimately cost the companies or individuals who are covered.

A trucking company has a financial interest in making sure your accident does not cost them too much money or attract too much attention from federal regulators or the public. Insurance adjustors and lawyers representing trucking firms are trained to settle matters quickly and inexpensively. You may have already received an initial low-ball settlement offer, which you should decline.

Meanwhile, once you make a claim, the trucking company’s lawyers will work to minimize or deflect any blame for the wreck from the trucker or the trucking company. If left unchallenged, this can result in your settlement being less that it should be or even in your claim being denied.

You stand a much better chance of obtaining an appropriate settlement after a commercial motor vehicle accident with the assistance of an experienced truck accident lawyer. A lawyer who represents your interests can level the playing field. In a complex claim, your attorney’s legal team can investigate to determine how and why your accident happened and hold all responsible parties liable.