What Industrial Products May Be Involved in a Liability Lawsuit?

What kind of industrial products may be involved in a product liability lawsuit?

Any industrial product that has caused someone to be injured though it was operated / used properly by the injury victim might be the subject of a product liability lawsuit. Unfortunately, there are certain products that have been repeatedly cited as unsafe or defective in lawsuits.

They include:

  • Industrial Machinery — Boilers, compacters, die-casting machines, die presses, elevators, furnaces, ovens, packaging machinery,machine presses, power presses, textile machinery, valves.
  • Equipment — Aerial lifts, backhoes, cranes, dozers, earth graders, forklift trucks, loaders, utility vehicles.
  • Power Tools — circular saws, drilling machines, planers.
  • Building products – Asbestos-containing products, ceiling tiles, flooring, insulation, stairways, decks, etc.

In some cases, the product has been recalled from the market. Unfortunately, recalls almost always occur only after there is strong evidence that the product has caused many injuries or deaths.

You don’t have to wait for a recall. A product’s manufacturer, designer, marketer and/or distributor may be held liable for the injury that a defective product has caused you or your loved one. Your lawsuit may even help to prompt a recall and save others from suffering the injuries you have endured.