I’ve heard that personal injury lawyers just want to settle a claim and get it over with. How do I get my day in court?

Our goal is to see to it that you recover compensation that reimburses you for the costs of your accident and, in cases of ongoing medical need or losses from disability, ensures your future financial security. If we can do this in a settlement, in most cases we’ll recommend you accept a settlement. But the decision is always yours.

When the Becker Law Office handles a personal injury or wrongful death lawsuit, we start with the objective of negotiating a settlement that fairly addresses our client’s needs. If we can do this quickly, it cuts down on the expenses required of a claim and allows the client and their family to get on with their lives. Once a settlement agreement is made, a check is cut within hours in most cases.

If we cannot reach a settlement that is acceptable to you, we turn our case over to litigators at Bubalo Law PLC to take to court. Through this unique arrangement, you get the strength of two legal firms – the negotiating skill of the Becker Law Office and the nationally recognized trial attorneys of Bubalo Law PLC.

Though many cases are settled, we prepare each case as if it will go to trial. Our preparation and the track record of success at Bubalo Law PLC carry significant weight in pre-trial negotiations with defendants’ insurance companies.