Choosing the Right Attorney For Your Lawsuit | Bubalo Law PLC

How do I choose the right attorney?

First, look for an experienced attorney and law firm. Your legal representatives should have a track record of handling cases like yours, and you will want to be sure that they have obtained positive results for past clients. Your law firm should be ready to work with you whether you want to settle or have a full jury trial, so you should also look for trial experience.

Second, you should work with an attorney who is empathetic about your situation and treats you with dignity. While we have all seen the caricature of the arrogant lawyer, you do not need to accept such behavior from your personal legal representative. Find an attorney you can trust.

Third, it is far better to choose an attorney who is highly experienced in cases similar to yours than to choose a law firm just because it is nearby. At Bubalo Law PLC, we have worked with clients from every region of the U.S. and we have participated in trials in different states, both in state courts and federal courts. Legal knowledge and trial preparation skills should be the primary consideration in your choice of a law firm.