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How can a slip-and-fall lawyer help with my case?

It should come as no surprise if the owner of the property where you fell does not step up and offer you money for your injuries or offers less than what you deserve. But the law says you deserve to be compensated if the property owner’s negligence was the cause of your accident and injury. A slip-and-fall lawyer works to compel the property owner’s insurance company to do what’s right by you after an accident.

There are many maneuvers the property owner’s insurance company is likely to attempt to avoid paying you the settlement you deserve. An experienced attorney, such as ours at Becker Law Office knows what to expect and how to head off or counter an insurance company that is trying to short-change you. Your Becker Law Office attorney can also counsel you so that you don’t make a mistake that hurts your case.

In fact, the Becker Law Office provides twice the protection. Our clients are represented by two law firms with their own unique skill sets to ensure that each case is handled professionally and efficiently. The attorneys at Becker Law Office focus on settling cases, while the litigators at Bubalo Law PLC take cases to court if they cannot be settled appropriately.

This means you’ll have AV-rated lawyers who are skilled negotiators if you need them, and you’ll also be represented by attorneys who have been recognized among the Top 100 Trial Lawyers in Kentucky if the case goes to court. Your legal team will help you get the compensation that you deserve after your slip-and-fall injury.