What can I do if my Social Secirty Disability claim was denied?

What can I do if my SSD claim was denied?

There are several levels of appeals available for you to obtain the assistance you are seeking if your initial application for Social Security Disability benefits has been denied. Unfortunately, the appeals process is as complicated as the initial application process.

More than half of SSD claims are initially denied, according to the Social Security Administration, so it’s important to appeal a claim that has been rejected. In many cases, it is a technical matter – such as missing information or information stated incorrectly – that leads to a rejection. Sometimes additional medical information is necessary to help claims reviewers understand how the applicant’s condition matches a disability the Social Security Administration recognizes.

The appeals process progresses from informal reviews of medical records and other evidence to a hearing in a more formal setting.

An experienced SSD lawyer from the Becker Law Office can review your case file to determine the problem in your application and help you to prepare for a successful appeal.