Can I Afford To Hire A Lawyer For A Product Liability Claim?

How can I afford to hire a Becker Law Office attorney to pursue a product liability claim for me?

You can afford the Becker Law Office’s assistance because you won’t pay us anything until you receive a settlement or court award in your case. There is no up-front cost to you for our legal services.

The Becker Law Office accepts industrial product liability cases on a contingency-fee basis, which means our legal fee depends on the outcome of your case. Our agreement to represent you will state a specific percentage of any settlement or court award that we will retain as our fee.

In addition to legal fees, there are various charges that may come with preparing and filing your case, such as for travel and copies of documents. Court reporters, expert witnesses and other professionals who help us develop cases must be paid for their time and effort. These costs also come out of the settlement or court award, but we pay them up front. You bear no out-of-pocket costs to pursue a claim.

Since we are only paid if we are successful, we only take cases that we expect to result in compensation that makes the time and effort worthwhile to you and us. We don’t waste our clients’ time or fill them with false hopes. We take cases we expect to win.

We’ll investigate your case thoroughly and, if we can pursue a claim for you, work as hard as we can to develop a strong case that shows you deserve to be compensated. We’re ready to start by providing a free review of your accident and injuries, and explaining the legal options available to you.