Failure to yield occurs when a driver does not obey the right-of-way laws. Examples of failure to yield include running a red light, failing to stop at a stop sign, turning left in front of an oncoming motorist who has the right-of-way, not merging correctly, failing to yield to pedestrians, and failing to yield at intersections that do not have any signals.

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If you or a loved one have been injured in an accident due to a negligent driver, reach out to a knowledgeable car accident attorney. An experienced lawyer could explain the nuances of Lexington failure to yield accident cases.


Some unique ways that car accident claims are handled in Lexington are that lawyers want to act immediately. A skilled attorney wants to be sure that your interests are protected. A lawyer can assist by investigating your claim to be sure evidence is preserved and witnesses are identified so they can move your claim forward as quickly as possible.

Identifying Fault in Failure to Yield Cases

Common reasons collisions occur due to failure to yield are driver inattention, speeding, distraction, and following too closely.

It may be difficult to identify the at fault driver in failure to yield cases when fault is disputed or when the driver having the right-of-way could have stopped or otherwise avoided the collision. In these instances, liability may be divided among each driver based upon their degree of fault. The facts of each case are unique and may require an experienced personal injury lawyer to assist in determining fault.

Dealing with Insurance Companies

Generally, insurance companies rely on police reports and accept liability of their insured when failure to yield is reported as causing the collision.

A seasoned lawyer could give notice of its representation to all insurance carriers so the injured claimant does not have to communicate with them or provide recorded statements that may jeopardize their case. A seasoned car accident attorney could advocate on behalf of the injured victim to help them seek compensation that covers the full value of their damages

Investigating Traffic Accidents

Attorneys can investigate failure to yield cases to see who is at fault. They can go to the scene, they can take pictures, they can observe traffic patterns of how other people navigate that intersection or that spot wherever the wreck happened, they could pull red light reports, and see what the red light pattern was at the time of the accident.

A skilled car accident attorney can hire an expert to observe the crash damage on the vehicle to see what angle the car was hit at and with how much force, as well as look at black box data to see how fast each vehicle was traveling.

How an Attorney Could Help

A car accident attorney could help you through each step of a Lexington failure to yield accident cases. It is important to contact an attorney early on the case so that they can start to investigate the case, gather the facts, and preserve evidence. Often, evidence can be destroyed if measures are not taken to protect it.

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