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If you’ve had the Essure permanent birth control device implanted and experienced problems, you may be owed damages. Legal time limitations regarding this issue apply so it’s important you contact us now. If you qualify, the Kentucky Essure lawyers at Becker Law Office want to help you get all you deserve.

How the Essure Implant Works

The Essure non-surgical birth control device was created to provide a permanent means of preventing pregnancy. It consists of a stainless steel spring-like inner core wound with an expanding nickel titanium outer coil. Insertion does not require an incision or general anesthesia and is non-hormonal. The flexible coils are inserted through the vagina and placed in the fallopian tubes where, over a period of three months, tissue grows to surround the coils to create a blockage preventing pregnancy.

The system was created by Conceptus, Inc. and approved through the FDA’s Premarket Approval (PMA) process in November 2002. In 2013, Conceptus, Inc. was purchased by Bayer AG and became a fully owned subsidiary of the Germany-based chemical and pharmaceutical company.

Potential Side Effects of Permanent Birth Control Devices

  • Abdominal pain
  • Autoimmune disorders
  • Device displacement or breakage
  • Severe pelvic pain
  • Unusually heavy bleeding

Risks of the Device and Subsequent Recall

The short-term risks from Essure include mild to moderate pain, cramping, vaginal bleeding, and pelvic or back discomfort. The long term risks include unintended pregnancy, pelvic pain, movement of the inserts through the fallopian tubes into the lower abdomen and pelvis, puncturing of the uterus or fallopian tubes, and/or rash and itching associated with a possible nickel allergy.

Significant numbers of women have reported complications following insertion of the device and the Food and Drug Administration has said that it will require drugmaker Bayer AG to undertake new safety studies on its permanent birth-control device. The FDA also plans to require a “black box” label warning about the device’s potentially serious side effects, plus a checklist for doctors to discuss potential risks with patients.

Because the device is intended for permanent placement, general surgery is the only means of extraction in the event of adverse effects. On December 31, 2018, the FDA announced that Bayer will stop selling and distributing the Essure device in the United States. Despite the Essure recall, these devices can still be implanted before one year passes after they are purchased, however, Bayer must ensure women are fully informed of the risks associated with Essure implants as per FDA recommendations. As a result, anyone injured might still benefit from contacting a Kentucky lawyer who is familiar with Essure claims.

Our Essure Attorneys Can Help You with Your Case

When you choose a defective medical device lawyer, you need to be represented by someone you can trust and who will treat your case with the importance that it deserves. At Becker Law Office, we are driven by a single goal: to protect the rights of our clients.

This is a time-sensitive issue because there is a statute of limitations involved regarding this issue. That means you have a limited time to file suit or your chance for a settlement will disappear. If you’ve had the Essure permanent birth control device implanted and experienced problems, you may be owed damages. When you contact us, a seasoned Kentucky Essure lawyer can explain the details of the statute of limitations surrounding the issue. If you qualify, we want to represent you and help you get all you deserve.

This means getting clients the money and benefits that they deserve. We ensure that our clients are protected at every step of the claims process. We know that coping with an injury or disability is hard enough without added legal stress. Let our Essure attorneys take the burden off your shoulders and navigate the legal system on your behalf.

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