You did not choose to be seriously injured or disabled and out of work. But you do have a choice when it comes to selecting an attorney to help you regain control of your life. The right attorney can provide trusted guidance, address your concerns and ease the burdens you are trying to shoulder.

The attorneys at Becker Law Office are ready to help people in Elizabethtown, Kentucky who have been seriously injured due to the carelessness or misconduct of others. We want to help you receive just compensation for what your injuries took from you.

Managing partner of Becker Law Office attorney Greg Bubalo has been fighting for injured people in Elizabethtown and throughout north central Kentucky for more than 30 years. Greg Bubalo has built an outstanding record of negotiating top-dollar settlements for accident victims who have suffered serious injuries as a result of the negligence of others. When insurers refuse to offer a fair settlement, Greg Bubalo doesn’t take “No” as the final answer. Our unique approach at the Becker Law Office means that when legal experience counts, clients have the representation of both skilled negotiators and courtroom-tested litigators.

Call today to learn how Becker Law Office can help with your legal needs. The consultation is always free. The Becker Law Office has helped thousands of Kentuckians receive the help they need.

What Cases Do Our Elizabethtown, Kentucky Injury Lawyers Handle?

The attorneys at Becker Law Office represent accident victims in personal injury lawsuits and disabled people seeking disability benefits in Elizabethtown and throughout the Louisville region. Elizabethtown is centrally located at the intersection of the Bluegrass Parkway, Western Kentucky Parkway and Interstate 65—about 45 miles south of Louisville and 15 miles south of Fort Knox. Becker Law Office has offices in both Louisville and Lexington.

Our Elizabethtown injury attorneys have an in-depth knowledge of Kentucky civil law as it applies to all types of personal injury accidents. If you are fighting with an insurance company, you want an experienced injury lawyer on your side.

We represent clients in cases involving a wide range of personal injury and disability benefits issues including:

Our Elizabethtown injury attorneys stand up strong for people who have suffered serious and life-altering injuries in car wrecks and other accidents caused by the carelessness or misconduct of others. Our goal is to help you regain control of your life. You should not have to face financial stress because of a stack of unpaid hospital and doctor bills caused by someone else’s carelessness. Let our Elizabethtown, KY personal injury attorneys review your situation, and together we will determine whether you have a valid personal injury lawsuit.

After the disruption of a serious injury, you may be experiencing ongoing pain, loss of work, emotional trauma and financial stress if you have tens of thousands of dollars of medical bills. During such a difficult time, you should not be worrying about where to find the money to hire an Elizabethtown lawyer.

At Becker Law Office, our attorneys represent clients with personal injury cases and disability appeals on a contingency fee basis. There are no upfront costs. In fact, we only get paid if we obtain compensation for you through a settlement or jury award. A contingency fee agreement means that you do not have to come up with money out of pocket to hire an attorney.

When Do I File a Personal Injury Lawsuit in Elizabethtown, KY?

Most people who seek the help of an attorney at Becker Law Office wish to avoid going to court if possible. They would prefer to have the money needed to pay their medical bills and other expenses and carry on with their lives.

Managing partner of Becker Law Office attorney Greg Bubalo leads a team of skilled negotiators at Becker Law Office. We are successful in resolving most personal injury cases without going to trial. We make a concerted effort to achieve an out-of-court settlement that provides full compensation to cover our injured client’s present and future medical needs. An out-of-court settlement avoids the risk of a jury trial and provides money more quickly to the injury victim.

Filing a personal injury lawsuit in Hardin County Circuit Court may be the appropriate step if the insurance company representing the at-fault individual or business refuses to accept responsibility or to negotiate a fair settlement.

Elizabethtown is the county seat of Hardin County. Civil lawsuits seeking compensation for serious injuries and wrongful deaths in Elizabethtown and elsewhere in Hardin County are tried in Hardin County Circuit Court.

Hardin County Circuit Court hears cases involving personal injuries and wrongful deaths in which more than $5,000 in damages is in dispute.

Hardin County Circuit Court Clerk
Hardin County Justice Center
120 Dixie Avenue, #2
Elizabethtown, KY 42701
(270) 766-5000

Our attorneys at Becker Law Office always continue trying to reach a settlement even as we prepare your case for trial. Some insurance companies do not get serious about settling a case until a trial is near at hand and their attorneys have assessed the evidence against their client. If your injury case does proceed to trial in Hardin County Circuit Court, you will have the nationally recognized trial attorneys at Bubalo Law PLC presenting your case and fighting for justice for you.

Hospitals Serving Elizabethtown, KY

People who suffer serious injuries in car crashes in Elizabethtown or elsewhere in Hardin County typically are transported by ambulance to the hospital emergency department for trauma care.

Hardin Memorial Hospital
913 N. Dixie Avenue
Elizabethtown, KY 42701
(270) 737-1212

HealthSouth Lakeview Rehabilitation Hospital
134 Heartland Drive
Elizabethtown, KY 42701
(270) 769-3100

You may have questions about your legal options while you are still in the hospital or a rehabilitation facility recovering from your injuries. If your injury makes it difficult for you to visit our office, an attorney from Becker Law Office can meet with you at your home in Hardin County, your hospital room or another location convenient to you.

Elizabethtown, KY Social Security Disability Lawyers

If you have a medically diagnosed disability, you may submit an application for disability benefits at the local Social Security office in Elizabethtown, Kentucky.

The Social Security office is located at:

Social Security Administration
591 Westport Road
Elizabethtown, KY 42701

Social Security disability (SSD) assists workers who are no longer able to work because of a disabling condition or serious illness. To qualify for benefits, you will need to submit evidence that

  • You have a medically diagnosed disability or serious disease listed by the Social Security Administration;
  • Your disability is expected to last at least a year or be a terminal condition;
  • Your disabling condition prevents you from doing any type of substantial work;
  • You worked at a job and contributed to the Social Security system for enough years to qualify for benefits.

Many people with medically diagnosed disabilities in Hardin County and throughout Kentucky receive denial notices when they first apply for benefits. If you are have submitted an application for SSD benefits and received a denial notice, you may feel frustrated and unsure where to turn. Let our Elizabethtown, KY disability attorneys review your situation free of charge and discuss whether an appeal is in order.

You may still qualify for Social Security disability even if you have received a notice of denial from the Social Security Administration.

SSD claims reviewers may have rejected your application because it did not have a complete work history showing the number of years you paid Social Security taxes or it had inadequate medical information. Most applicants have to appeal an initial denial and go through the bureaucratic appeals process to get benefits.

You should have a knowledgeable Elizabethtown SSD lawyer at Becker Law Office review your application and discuss the reasons that your disability application was denied.

Our experienced Elizabethtown disability attorneys have helped many Kentuckians qualify for disability benefits by collecting additional employment records and medical records documenting a disability, and advocating effectively for clients in hearings before an administrative law judge.

Going through the appeals process without the guidance of an experienced disability attorney can be an exercise in frustration. Our knowledgeable Elizabethtown SSD attorneys will stand beside you throughout the process and help you pursue the full benefits you are entitled to by law.

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