Why Do I Need A Lawyer After an Accident?

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If you have been injured in a Kentucky car accident, you might be asking why you need a lawyer to help you obtain compensation for your personal injuries and property damages. You paid premiums to the insurance company, and the company is there to help you get paid under the policy, right? I can handle this you might be thinking.

Before you make that decision, it’s important to keep in mind that you always have to be cautious in dealing with insurance companies. They are certainly eager to take in premium payments but are not nearly as happy when they have to pay out benefits. They will as a matter, of course, try to low ball you at every turn.

Insurance companies are banking on you not knowing how the system works. The insurance carrier who issued the policy will contact you early in the process and try to make you settle early on for less than full compensation.

Statistics show that even after hiring and paying a personal injury attorney, you will get three times more on average in compensation for your injuries than if you dealt directly with the insurance company.

Overcoming the Roadblocks

A Kentucky, Tennessee, Ohio or Southern Indiana auto accident law firm can help you overcome the roadblocks thrown up by insurance companies, which will make every effort to limit what they pay. Make no mistake about it, insurance companies are quite clever and they will try to poke holes in your claim.

For example, if there has been any delay in seeking medical treatment, the insurance company will try to infer that you haven’t been hurt or your injuries aren’t really serious. Or if there has been a gap in treatment, it will argue that something else happened to cause your injuries.

Having an experienced lawyer represent you can help to level the playing field against well-financed, tenacious insurance companies.

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