Court Preparation

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The personal injury attorneys at Becker Law Office can usually obtain a full and fair settlement for clients outside of the courtroom.

But sometimes a case needs to go before a judge and jury when the insurance company refuses to make a fair offer. Our Kentucky, Tennessee, Ohio or Southern Indiana personal injury attorneys prepare all cases as if they will go to trial.

What does this mean in practice? We aggressively gather all documents, witnesses, and information relevant to the case. And we push for as quick a trial date as possible. We never show any sign of weakness or hesitation.

Our aggressive preparation and focus doesn’t go unnoticed by those on the other side of cases. They know we mean business, and are always prepared to fight to obtain the full compensation our clients deserve under the law. And if a case does go to trial, we are always ready.

This is what our clients deserve as they focus on recovering from their injuries and getting their lives in order.

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