Nursing Home Bed Sores

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Some of our loved ones are spending the final years of their lives in a nursing home. We hope they are given proper care and nutrition, and are treated with dignity.

But unfortunately many nursing homes are understaffed and do a poor job of training their personnel.

This can lead to bad care explains Becker Law Office. Bed sores are a sign that a loved one is not getting needed attention.

Bed sores, also known as pressure ulcers, can be fatal. They are preventable, mainly by regularly moving a patient so that he or she isn’t constantly putting pressure on vulnerable areas of the skin.

If you suspect your loved one has bed sores, contact the Kentucky, Tennessee, Ohio and Southern Indiana Nursing Home Neglect attorneys at the Becker Law Office by calling 800-755-3000. Bed sores are a sign that a nursing home patient is being neglected. Our nursing home neglect attorneys can help your loved one get the care he or she deserves.

From our offices in Louisville and Lexington we handle nursing home abuse and neglect claims across Kentucky, Tennessee, Ohio and Southern Indiana.

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