Fighting The Insurance Company

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If you have suffered a personal injury because of someone else’s fault, you might be tempted to go it alone and attempt to negotiate a settlement with the insurance company.

No middleman, right? No attorneys? fees reducing your settlement.

But studies done by the insurance industry itself show that injured individuals who hire an attorney receive higher compensation for their injuries even after paying attorneys fees than those folks who negotiate directly with insurance companies.

Insurance companies are not your friend. They will tempt you with a quick settlement, even if it is well below the full value of your claim. They are looking for any shred of information they can use to undercut your claim.

Hiring an attorney who focuses in personal injury law will help you develop your case and fight back against the aggressive, low ball tactics of insurance companies.

The Kentucky and Indiana personal injury attorneys at the Becker Law Office have tangled with insurance carriers for 30 years. We know how the system works and we know how to build rock solid legal cases. Call us today at 800-755-3000 to start a conversation on your injuries and an evaluation of your claim. Your initial consultation is free.

From our offices in Louisville and Lexington we handle insurance disputes across Kentucky, Tennessee, Ohio and Southern Indiana.

With Becker Law Office, you get the benefit of two law firms in one. Becker Law Office has negotiators who are known for getting fair settlements. If your case goes to trial, you?ll be represented by an attorney at Bubalo Law PLC. Bubalo Law PLCs trial lawyers focus on cases that reach the courtroom.

For more information on fighting insurance companies, watch this video.