How Can I Pay For A Lawyer?

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If you or a loved one has been injured due to the carelessness of someone else, you have a legal right to obtain money damages to compensate you for your injuries.

But often someone who has suffered serious injuries is unable to work for a period of time. Bills begin to mount up, including medical bills related to your injuries. You may not be able to afford paying a lawyer an hourly rate or a retainer.

The personal injury attorneys at Becker Law Office receive compensation only if they are able to obtain a recovery for a personal injury client. You pay a percentage of the recovery, usually one-third of the total amount. This is known as a contingency fee arrangement. You don’t pay anything if we don’t obtain a settlement or trial verdict in your favor.

You also do not pay any up-front fees or charges. Becker Law Office advances the expenses related to a case, such as obtaining medical records, or photocopy charges. If a formal lawsuit is filed, the expenses increase, such as paying a court reporter to transcribe depositions of witnesses and paying court-related filing fees. We advance those costs as well.

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The personal injury lawyers at Becker Law Office can help you assess your legal rights if you have been injured because of the negligence of someone else. We serve individuals who have been injured in accidents throughout Kentucky, including Lexington and Louisville, Tennessee, Ohio and in southeastern Indiana.

With Becker Law Office, you get the benefit of being represented by two law firms in one.

When your case is in the negotiating stage, Becker Law Office has negotiators who are known for driving hard bargains and getting fair settlement offers. If a settlement isn’t possible, you’ll be represented by an attorney at Bubalo Law PLC. Bubalo Law PLC focuses on courtroom cases and the AV-Rated firm has attorneys who have been named among the Top 100 Trial Lawyers in Kentucky.

Contact us today to discuss your situation. Your initial consultation is always free. Remember, we don’t get paid until you receive compensation for your injuries. We are here to help you.