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Swimming pools and the areas around them can be dangerous. Owners are expected to make reasonable efforts to keep guests and others safe. When a pool and the surrounding areas are not fenced off, or maintained in a secure condition, it can lead to injury and drowning.

Property owners must keep their buildings up to code and keep the building safe for guests. Wiring problems, gas leaks, and other unchecked hazards can easily lead to disaster. When a fire occurs and guests are injured, the owner of the property may be liable.

A dog’s owner is obligated to keep others safe from the animal. If another person’s dog bites you or your child, you may be entitled to compensation for your injury, depending on the specific laws pertaining to dog owners’ obligations in your locality. Homeowner’s insurance and other insurance policies will often cover the claim.

Business owners and others are expected to keep adequate lighting, security procedures, and staff in place for the safety of customers. When customers are assaulted by criminals on the property, it may be because the business owner has failed to take the steps necessary to secure the property and keep guests safe. A property owner may be liable for negligent security after a criminal assault.

Slip-and-fall accidents can lead to serious injuries including broken hips, head injuries and back injuries. Business owners and others have a duty to keep their premises safe for customers. Walking surfaces must be kept free of hazards. If a dangerous condition develops, they must take steps to warn customers and correct the problem. When property owners let dangerous conditions develop, or linger and fail to provide adequate warning, they may be held liable for your injuries.