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Your fee for legal services provided by the Becker Law Office will be based on an agreed-upon percentage of the final settlement or the court verdict we obtain for you. If we don’t obtain compensation for you, you won’t owe us anything.

Our legal services are provided on a contingency-fee basis, meaning our fee depends on the outcome of your case. This protects you, since you pay nothing up front and it provides us a financial incentive to maximize the compensation we obtain for you.

When you hire the Becker Law Office to represent you, we will enter into an agreement that spells out the percentage of a final settlement or court award that we will retain as our legal fee. It also will delineate certain expenses that we will pay up front but be reimbursed for through the case’s proceeds. This may include fees for copies of police or medical records, filing fees, compensation for expert witnesses, and similar costs.

Because we are only paid if we are successful, our willingness to represent you tells you that we believe in your case. We won’t waste your time or fill you with false hopes.

You can count on the Becker Law Office to investigate your case thoroughly and negotiate hard to obtain all of the compensation you deserve. If you’re ready to start on your case, so are we. Please contact the Becker Law Office today.

Yes. The deadlines for filing a personal injury or wrongful death claim vary according to the state. Because these are often complex cases, it is best to begin work on yours as soon as possible.

In Kentucky and Indiana, most personal injury and wrongful death claims must be filed within 24 months of when the injury occurs. In Tennessee, a plaintiff has 12 months to file a claim. The statute of limitations may also vary according to the cause of action and whether minors are involved.

But it is best to get started on a claim quickly. Developing a car accident case, for example,requires examining damaged vehicles and/or reconstructing the accident with the help of consultants, and analyzing medical records with the help of medical experts to determine the full costs of our clients’ injuries and losses. This is in addition to interviewing witnesses, tracking down evidence to support the claim of the defendant’s negligence, and drafting and filing the actual complaint.

Some cases can be developed faster than others, but there’s no way to tell how an unforeseen obstacle may delay filing a claim.

If you think it is at all possible that your injury or the death of a loved one in Kentucky, Indiana, Ohio, or Tennessee was because of someone else’s negligence or recklessness, you should contact the Becker Law Office for legal assistance today.

Our goal is to see to it that you recover compensation that reimburses you for the costs of your accident and, in cases of ongoing medical need or losses from disability, ensures your future financial security. If we can do this in a settlement, in most cases we’ll recommend you accept a settlement. But the decision is always yours.

When the Becker Law Office handles a personal injury or wrongful death lawsuit, we start with the objective of negotiating a settlement that fairly addresses our client’s needs. If we can do this quickly, it cuts down on the expenses required of a claim and allows the client and their family to get on with their lives. Once a settlement agreement is made, a check is cut within hours in most cases.

If we cannot reach a settlement that is acceptable to you, we turn our case over to litigators at Bubalo Law PLC to take to court. Through this unique arrangement, you get the strength of two legal firms – the negotiating skill of the Becker Law Office and the nationally recognized trial attorneys of Bubalo Law PLC.

Though many cases are settled, we prepare each case as if it will go to trial. Our preparation and the track record of success at Bubalo Law PLC carry significant weight in pre-trial negotiations with defendants’ insurance companies.

A personal injury lawsuit typically asks foreconomic and noneconomic damages (compensation). Economic damages reimburse you for bills you have because of an accident, such as for medical expenses and property damage, and for income losses. Noneconomic damages are for pain and suffering. What’s important is ensuring that your claim asks for all of the compensation to which you are entitled.

The compensation you demand in a lawsuit will depend on the type of claim and your losses and, to some extent, where your injury occurred. (Becker Law Office pursues cases in ). A basic Personal Injury Protection insurance policy covers $10,000 in medical cares costs and pay up to $200 per week to replace lost wages and $200 per week for replacement services.

In general, a personal injury or wrongful death lawsuit asks for the plaintiff to be compensated for:

  • Medical expenses, including emergency care, hospitalization, surgery, medication, rehabilitation therapy, assistive devices (cervical collars, walkers, wheelchairs, etc.), psychological counseling, etc.
  • Property damage (such as to a car), including repair or replacement costs and cost to rent a vehicle or for public transportation.
  • Lost income / wages, including regular pay, commissions, bonuses, etc.
  • Funeral and burial expenses.
  • Pain and suffering, loss of companionship, loss of parental guidance, etc.

A lawsuit should be drafted to account for past, current and future losses. This requires a projection of how well you are likely to recover from your injuries and what your medical needs maybe in the years ahead.In cases of a disabling injury, your medical expenses and losses may be ongoing.

Noneconomic damages may be awarded as a multiple of medical expenses.

In some cases, a plaintiff may also seek a punitive damages award.This is a payment that is meant to punish a defendant who has acted in flagrant violation of the law or with egregious disregard for others’ safety.

Our goal is to obtain justice for you in an accident that has caused you to be seriously injured. In most cases, that requires us to pursue compensation for you through a personal injury lawsuit. To ensure that we can provide the service that every client deserves, we have to be selective about cases we accept.

A personal injury case is usually complex and takes a significant amount of time and effort to develop and pursue. For your protection as well as ours, we must be sure of an outcome that makes the personal, professional and financial expenditure of a lawsuit worthwhile.

In some cases, a prospective client has been injured but the extent of their injury is not serious enough to warrant the time and expense of a lawsuit. Sometimes a client has been seriously injured but the cause of the harm they have suffered does not rise to the level of legally actionable negligence or recklessness. Some accidents are simply accidents, and sometimes a case just cannot be proven.

We pledge to take a serious look at your case and make a determination as to whether we can be of assistance to you. If we cannot help you, we may be able to refer you to another firm whose professionals we trust to assist you.

We invite you to contact us to set up a meeting to discuss your case and evaluate the assistance we can provide to you. There is no charge to you for this meeting or any investigative work we do to determine whether we can pursue a claim for you.

The Becker Law Office handles a wide variety of personal injury and wrongful death claims. In addition to insurance claims for injuries and fatalities, we help those who have become disabled through accident or illness obtain Social Security Disability payments.

In the pages of this website we explain our approach to assisting clients who have been seriously injured by:

You can rely on our strengths: Becker Law Office attorneys are tough negotiators with a record of obtaining fair settlements without the additional time and expense of going to court.

Please contact us today if we can help you pursue compensation for an accident that has seriously injured you or a loved one of yours.

In short, a personal injury lawyer stands up for your rights if you have been injured by someone else. If another party’s actions (referred to as “recklessness”) or inaction (negligence) caused your injury, they owe you compensation for your losses. A personal injury lawyer makes sure you get what you are owed.

If you have been injured by another party, the compensation you may obtain for your losses is paid according to complex laws and, in most cases, comes from liability insurance. Both the law and the insurance company can stand in the way of you receiving what you deserve. Your lawyer works to help you overcome these obstacles.

An experienced personal injury attorney can investigate your accident to compile the evidence required by law to prove the harm done to you, establish who or what organization (a business, hospital, manufacturer, local government, etc.) is legally responsible, and calculate what compensation is required to make you financially whole. Once we have developed a solid case, we can stand up to the insurance company that would deny the payment you are due.

In addition to obtaining a settlement or court award, your personal injury attorney handles the logistics of your claim. This includes everything from preparing and filing paperwork to working with the hospital and other creditors to ensure that a claim for compensation that will be used to pay them is underway.

A Becker Law Office personal injury attorney stands at your side for the length of your recovery from a serious accident. We take on the burden of the legal work required to ensure your financial recovery so that you can put your efforts toward a physical and emotional recovery from the injuries you have suffered.

You will work with your attorney and your legal team in the way that works best for you. Much of the work in a lawsuit can be handled by email, fax, express packages, telephone calls and general mail delivery.

The paperwork of a lawsuit is extensive and it requires experienced paralegals and support staff who will keep the process moving forward to meet all the legal deadlines. There will be times when you are focused completely on your recovery from your injuries, or getting on with your life, and have little communications with your Bubalo Law PLC legal team. Rest assured the lawsuit process has been carefully mapped out and is proceeding. However, if you have a question at any time about the current status of your lawsuit, you should feel comfortable calling either your paralegal or your attorney to get an update.

First, look for an experienced attorney and law firm. Your legal representatives should have a track record of handling cases like yours, and you will want to be sure that they have obtained positive results for past clients. Your law firm should be ready to work with you whether you want to settle or have a full jury trial, so you should also look for trial experience.

Second, you should work with an attorney who is empathetic about your situation and treats you with dignity. While we have all seen the caricature of the arrogant lawyer, you do not need to accept such behavior from your personal legal representative. Find an attorney you can trust.

Third, it is far better to choose an attorney who is highly experienced in cases similar to yours than to choose a law firm just because it is nearby. At Bubalo Law PLC, we have worked with clients from every region of the U.S. and we have participated in trials in different states, both in state courts and federal courts. Legal knowledge and trial preparation skills should be the primary consideration in your choice of a law firm.

In our experience, lawsuits can sometimes be lengthy, anywhere from six months to several years. This is especially true when injuries are extensive and the medical treatment may take a while. Based on our experience, and as your treatment progresses, your legal team at Bubalo Law PLC will advise you on approximately how long your particular case may take. At each step in the process, we will confer with you so you can make an informed decision on whether to continue the lawsuit process or accept a settlement if one has been offered.