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What if I get hurt in a slip-and-fall accident at someone’s house?

It is not just store owners or the owners of public property who are responsible to their guests. If you are invited to visit someone’s house, that property owner has a legal responsibility to correct any dangerous conditions that could hurt you and to warn you of any known hazards.

This means if you go to someone’s house and you fall because the property is poorly maintained, you can take legal action against the homeowner. You would need to be able to show that:

  • You were legally on the property – you were not a trespasser.
  • That the owner had an obligation to you to make the property safe.
  • That the owner fell short in fulfilling this obligation.
  • Your injury was caused by a hazard that existed because of the property owner’s negligence.

It is important to keep in mind that homeowners’ insurance covers these types of claims. You don’t have to worry about filing a lawsuit against a friend or neighbor, or that the money you may receive will come out of their pocket. Homeowners’ insurance covers the cost of medical bills and expenses if you slip and fall while a guest at a friend’s house.

A lawyer from Becker Law Office can look at the circumstances of your slip-and-fall accident and determine whether you have standing for a case. If we can, we would be happy to help you pursue a claim for the compensation you deserve.