What Should I Do If Injured By A Defective Industrial Product?

What should I do if I have been injured by what I believe was a defective industrial product?

As in any liability claim, having evidence of the accident, your injury, and its cost to you is key to developing a successful lawsuit. You should preserve anything connected to your accident.

Your injury may have been caused by the unsafe design of machinery or equipment, lack of adequate warning about the hazards of the product, or a lack of adequate training to operate the machinery or power tool safely. If possible, document the actual accident. Write down exactly what happened and take photos of the accident scene if possible. You may have a legal right to file a lawsuit against the manufacturer of the industrial machinery or equipment, in addition to receiving workers’ compensation benefits for your injury.

See a doctor for your injuries and save all medical reports and receipts. Keep copies of anything that documents the losses caused by your injuries, including receipts for medical care and medications, work absences, having to hire someone to assist you, rental cars or other travel expenses, etc.

You should also contact a product liability attorney as soon as possible. A Becker Law Office product liability lawyer can not only assist and advise you about steps you can take to help a potential claim, we can begin the investigative work that will be necessary to prove liability for your injuries.