What Can I Recover In A Lawsuit Over A Motorcycle Accident?

What can I expect to recover in a personal injury lawsuit over a motorcycle accident?

You could receive compensation for property damage (your motorcycle), medical bills and wages lost because of your motorcycle accident. You might also be awarded damages for your pain and suffering. A proper claim settlement includes money for your future if your injuries will keep you from returning to work or require you to take work that pays less.

The intent of a personal injury lawsuit after a motorcycle accident is to ensure that the victim and/or the victim’s family do not suffer financially because of someone else’s negligence. Personal injury law allows an injured party to hold the at-fault party liable for damages.

It would not be responsible for any attorney to say how much money you might receive in a personal injury lawsuit after a motorcycle accident. At the Becker Law Office, we pledge to conduct a thorough investigation that calculates all of your losses and then to press the insurance company hard in negotiations to meet its financial responsibility to you.

One thing you can always get is a free initial consultation about your legal options after a motorcycle accident. Contact the Becker Law Office to set an appointment today.