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FDA Warns Certain Flea and Tick Medicines Increase Seizure Risk in Pets

If you are a dog or cat owner, the FDA warns that certain flea and tick medicines may increase seizure risk in your...
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Johnson & Johnson Ordered to Pay $70 Million for Failure to Warn About Risperdal Risks

A Philadelphia jury recently ordered Johnson & Johnson unit Janssen Pharmaceuticals to pay $70 million to the family of a young Tennessee boy...
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Third Tesla Crash in Two Months Raises Safety Questions About Self-driving Vehicles

Semi-autonomous vehicles claim to be safer than vehicles with human drivers because they operate through a sophisticated technological system of computers, cameras, sensors,...
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FDA May Have Dramatically Underestimated Number of Fetal Deaths Caused by Essure

The FDA may have grossly underestimated the number of fetal deaths caused by the birth control device Essure. That is the conclusion from...
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Individual Criminal Responsibility May Be Key to Changing Corporate Decision-making

Most of us were raised to believe you always try to “do the right thing” living your life with integrity, truthful in your...
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New Harvard Study Finds Some Dietary Supplements Contain Potentially Dangerous Amphetamine-like Stimulant

Dietary supplements claim they can do everything from enhancing athletic performance to improving cognitive function and providing overall health benefits, but a new...
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Senate Bill Would Hold Corporate Executives Personally Liable for Concealing or Failing to Disclose Product Dangers

In an attempt to deter corporate concealment about product safety and dangerous defects, three U. S. Senators recently introduced federal legislation that would...
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